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A video control, alarm system Video control project with the social management innovation, especially for the population floating population management plays an irreplaceable role, at present all over the country for the construction of video access in the like a raging fire, has created a new kind of market power in the security industry. In order to meet the needs of the market, now whether the entrance guard system, video system supplier or suppliers, including supporting optical transceiver, power supply and so on suppliers are according to the specific demand video access control market in optimizing the product scheme to make their energy in the market competition will be more competitive. This paper mainly aims at the characteristic of video access control applications, combined with the actual video access control engineering experience, to share in the actual project selection, several problems for video access control power selection should pay attention to the. The selection and application of the system, the two power in the video control alarm The 1 power source for measuring the actual output power Video control alarm system and relates to a device to the power supply is very diverse, to ensure that the equipment can work steadily, has enough power to the equipment power supply need. Purchasing power, special attention should be paid to the nominal value of power supply, but also for the actual parameters of the best on-the-spot test, because there are access control power supply some of the low price in practical applications are often less than the nominal value, seriously affected the normal and stable operation of video access control and alarm system. The proposed purchase power parameters selected standard, reliable quality, good reputation, is suitable for video control alarm system power supply manufacturers. At present, some video access control manufacturers, power match and control sales, usually the manufacturers choose to consider the practical application project for power, also have better overall quality assurance for the system. Simple method of testing power supply load to the power output: and with the output power corresponding (such as cement resistance), running more than 48 hours, the actual output voltage and current is measured with a multimeter power, and compared with the nominal value, the voltage detecting load output is stable or not? Heat is normal? The best conditions to field installation and commissioning. Whether does the product have lightning protection of judgment: Whether the design of protection circuit of visual power. (this method is suitable for the study of circuit hardware). Whether the understanding of manufacturers have technical accumulation in lightning protection technology above, such as a practical demonstration of product reliability. Related products lightning detection report etc.. 3 wide range of temperature adaptation The video control installation, the south of Shenzhen is famous for its hot, the most northern Urumqi to cold. If the product for high and low temperature is not wide adaptation range, the system reliability is no way to guarantee, especially the power part, so when choosing a product should be installed according to own to choose environment. In general, adaptation in the range of -40 degrees ~85 degrees in temperature, can meet the requirements. Specific test methods may require manufacturers to provide, or in the warranty on the terms of the contract clearly to ensure that their legitimate rights and interests. 4 on the back-up battery intelligent charge and discharge management Because of the special environment of rental housing or residential, commercial power outage occurs, and the video control especially the middle gate is directly linked to the lives of ordinary people, any time must to normal operation, so the duration for a backup battery is generally around the building video access control specification will offer concrete requirements, general requirements of power can remain above the normal operation of the system for 4~6 hours, power supply with charge and discharge management functions. 5, fault isolation, avoid the individual equipment damage and influence the global stability of the system Because the video control alarm diversity system hardware, it may involve a power to a plurality of devices for unified power supply, this time pay attention to the power due to multiple output optional end independent power output, and can output current supply intelligent judgment, which can solve the power concentrated supply or when the power of a road output failure will not affect the power output of other road, even if it is a power output short-circuit will not affect the output of other ports. Of course, the power supply will not be because of a port circuit and burned. 6 wide voltage range, stable power output The voltage fluctuation of power often occur, or high, or low. Therefore the power must have to adapt to a wide range of voltage fluctuation, and the output voltage can be 12V stable output, avoid the unstable power supply from mains voltage fluctuations, the normal and stable operation of video access control and alarm system. 7, about the choice of switching and linear power supply In the actual project application is the choice of switching power supply or linear power supply, many friends are not impossible, but as long as you can grasp the two: In the south the project, if the choice of linear power supply, not recommended to linear power supply and other equipment in the same equipment box, because linear power loss is large, the heating is very powerful, and other equipment in an equipment box, if the heat is not timely is likely to cause other equipment operation unstable. If the linear power supply facilities dedicated box, will bring some increase in cost.
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